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Llamas for Points by dogatemymanuscript Llamas for Points by dogatemymanuscript
The first stamp I've ever made! I like the way this one turned out better than the other two I made to just experiment/dabble in stamp making. I want to gather/get some DA points so I can give points as contest prizes on groups I'm apart of and I'd really love to get a small piece of DA gear, like a key chain, to show off that I'm a deviant. Earning points via commissions and print sales hasn't been working our for me, so the only way I've been getting any points is through llama badge trade. While trying to figure out a way to advertise that I'm more than willing to give anyone a llama badge through the badge trade for points, I came up with the awesome idea of making my first attempt at making a DA stamp.

Stamp template by `isoldel , Llama badge stock by Jnewgat, and DA points stock by Reby-c

STAMP IS FOR USE WITHIN DEVIANT ONLY! DO NOT USE OFF OF THE DA WEBSITE! This stamp is meant to convey a message within the deviant art community only and is for non-$-profit.
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March 15, 2013
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